My Top Ten Events Of The Year

My top ten events of the year.

10.Ticket To Read

9. Kahoot

8. Candy Cane Cottage

7. Garden

6. Literacy Night

5. Wonder Works

4. Haunted House

3. Lucas Bands

2. Pen-pals

  1. Skype


My Final Week 36

File May 17, 2 06 32 PM
This was the girls hula hoop contest from field day

This week was really awesome, sadly this is my last blog at rocky hill because I am leaving for middle school. This week one really fun event was field day I got 1 first place and two 3rd places. We also got to help with first grade field day. One of the last things we did was awards night, I got an honor roll certificate and a medal for it. In summary this is how my week all ties up, hopefully I will right some blogs during middle school.

The Amazing Week 32

My week 32 was awesome. One of the first things we did was a live reading from our scripts to our class. The next thing we did was go to see a Soul Singers concert in the gym. We also earned candy if we got minus zero on our test prep. One of the last things we did was finish our movie script. In summary these are the awesome things we did this week.

My Awesome Week 31

Please pray for Lucas

Week 31 was pretty awesome. One of the things we are doing is shaved ice for Lucas. All the money we raise at our school will go to a first grader at our that has just been diagnosed with cancer. Please keep him in your prayers. The nest thing we did was work on our movie. So far we have almost finished scene 1. We are also having a pizza party to celebrate Sara and Andrew’s birthday. Go visit their blog at and also tell them happy birthday in their comments. To wrap the whole week we also did some test prep. In summary this is why my week 31 was so awesome. 

Week 30

Week 30 was pretty awesome. The first thing we did was have the track meet. One of my friends Finley won first place in an are competitions. We are making new movies and I am in the movie asylum. The last thing we did was finish our song. My song was about plot. In summary these are the reasons why my week 30 was pretty awesome.

The Best Week 29

File Apr 01, 8 29 50 AM
That is me doing my speaking part in the purple skirt 🙂 🙂 🙂

Week 29 was pretty awesome we did a lot of fun stuff. The worst part was I got sick with the stomach bug :(. The best thing we did this week was our 5th grade musical it was awesome. We also had a pizza party because SaraLogan got 1st place on ticket to read. Today is April Fools Mr.Haney pranked us by saying he was leaving for a new school. In summary this was how I had an awesome week.

The Best Week 28

Week 28 was awesome. First, it was a short week and every one loves a short week :). Next, we went on a a field trip to Tuckleechee Caverns ( a cave) it was really cool and fun. Lastly and most fun was Dr.Seuss week. On monday we wore our pajamas. On tuesday we dressed up as our favorite book character I was  Katniss Everdeen. On Wednesday I wore a shirt with a bikini over top a hula skirt put my hair in braids and put a bunch of bows in. On Thursday I wore a wacky gold hat. Friday we had no school. In summary this was why my week 28 was so awesome.IMG_6125